Word of Moth’s ‘spontaneous group explorations and tightly-scored, big-booted riffs’ were praised by Daniel Spicer in the Wire magazine after their appearance at LUME Festival in Summer 2016. The band is a collaborative quartet formed by saxophonists Cath Roberts (Sloth Racket) and Dee Byrne (Entropi) the previous year, to explore the intersection of freedom and structure. The baritone and alto saxes are joined by Seth Bennett on bass and Johnny Hunter on drums, creating a group sound with improvisation at its heart that isn’t afraid to dig into some heavy grooves too. They have appeared at Lancaster Jazz Festival and are currently working on their debut album, to be released on the Luminous label in 2017.

Dee Byrne alto sax

Cath Roberts baritone sax

Seth Bennett bass

Johnny Hunter drums

Word Of Moth expanded line up at Jazzwerkstatt Bern, CH, 2017. With Oli Kuster (keyboards), Simon Petermann (trombone) and Lukas Thöni (trumpet).